Crown The Empire – Slam Dunk Interview

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 | 1 Comments

Our reviewer got chance to sit down and talk with Crown The Empire ahead of their final show on this year's Slam Dunk Festival in the Midlands. Here's the full transcript of what went down:

CC - Two days into Slam Dunk, what has it been like so far?

CTE: Absolutely incredible, the shows have been great, the sound has been awesome. Seeing the other bands. It is always a pleasure to be in the UK.

CC: Are you sticking around after the tour to see what the UK has to offer?

CTE: The after party ends at 3am and we have a flight at 7am, no hotel so we're just raging through to the airport.

CC: In terms of tonight's show, any surprises planned? New material?

CTE: We started the tour off with a new song when we came out here so we'll play it again today and see how it goes. Always nice to see the fans reaction to new songs.

CC: I read a comment online that the new material was going to sound like 'The Fallout on crack'

CTE: (laughs) That's a good way to put it (I've never heard it put like that before). We've amped up everything that makes us Crown The Empire. It has take a long time and the fans are desperate for it. We are more than excited to put it out there.

CC: The real test of a band is can they back up a new album with a killer live show, will you guys be back over here this year to tour the new record?

CTE: Definitely! Before the end of the year we will be back for a considerable amount of time. We can't say when or who with but we will definitely be back this year.

CC: You guys are known for your energy but what we want to know is, where did you come up with the idea for the intro to 'Johnny Ringo'

CTE: That was the most random, sporadic idea for a song. It kinda just happened and we ran with it. We had a small demo and thought this could be really sick. It has become a fan favourite. We've tried to continue the story of 'Johnny' through our albums and the finale will be on the new record.

CC: Festival wise, what will you be playing when you get back to the States?

CTE: Warped Tour - a real privilege for us.

CC: What is your favourite thing about playing these festivals; being amongst the fans? Seeing other bands?

CTE: Meeting people, making a connection with the fans - just people in general. Seeing other bands, meeting people we've never met before and people we really look up to. These are the biggest shows we've played ever and to be able to play in front of this many people who may not necessarily know us gives them a chance to check us out. They may like us and check us out next time we hit the UK. There's a lot of American bands on the bill so we've got a lot to relate to so we just end up hanging out with each other. We've made a lot of good friends on this tour

CC: Back to tonight, will the fans be treated to any tracks from the EP 'Limitless'?

CTE: We'll be playing our biggest single from it 'Voices'.

CC: Bit of a fanboy question, but tell me you are playing 'Makeshift Chemsitry' tonight?

CTE: For sure! It is one of our favourites to play live. Make sure you catch the beginning of our set as it will go off!!!

Check out our full photo gallery of their blinding set at Slam Dunk right here

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