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Nothing More – Full Gig Review!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Entering the venue I had no idea who Nothing More were, what they are about or what they sounded like. That changed within seconds! Opening song ‘Christ Copyright’ had a fierce, relentless energy featuring the brutal beats of stickman Paul O’Brien and frontman's Johnny Hawkins over the top electronic samples. This track sounded along the lines of what a 2014 'At The Drive-In' mixed with a little Thirty Seconds to Mars. High praise indeed for a band unheard of 5 minutes prior. Mr MTV was up next continuing before an epic bass solo involving three members of the band all playing the bass simultaneously via a rig hooked up to a drum-kit.

Something very Blueman Group-esque about this act showing they are more than just an anti-establishment band. A shoutout must go to the extended rhythm section of the band, they are so tight live offering much more than what an opening band often does.

Hawkins had the crowd participating in Salem (Burn The Witch) before hitting a triple-drum solo rounding off an exciting, different and energetic opening set. A band I would check out again for sure.

If Nothing More get back to the UK in 2015 then do not miss an opportunity to check out the Texas/Louisiana foursome!

Check out our full gallery of the show RIGHT HERE!

Words: Robert Jessop

Photos: Danny Pardoe

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